Camera Repair Salford

Have a cost-effective camera repair for Salford by professionals. Quick turnaround times for camera repair Salford at the independent repair centre.

Professional camera repair service for digital cameras, DSLR and SLR lenses which are are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Each successful service comes with a parts warranty from the experienced team.

The team provide a camera repair for Salford covering many camera brands, including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Pentax, Olympus, and Fujifilm.

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Camera Repair Salford
DSLR Repair
DSLR Repair
Quality repair service for Digital SLR cameras
Camera Lens Repair
Camera Lens Repair
Camera lens repair and servicing
Camera Lens Cleaning Service
Camera Lens Cleaning Service
Cleaning for camera lenses
Camera Servicing
Camera Servicing
Cleaning and repairs for digital cameras covering all major brands

Camera Repairs Salford

Professional camera repairs for Salford for lenses, digital cameras and DSLRs for most major manufacturers.

The professional team offer camera repairs for individuals and businesses. Each completed digital camera repair comes with a warranty which covers any parts fitted.

Providing an excellent customer experience is of vital importance to the team. The technicians are known for their friendly and attentive attitude, as shown by the feedback that they receive and review for camera repairs Salford.

Some of the makes and services that the trained technicians offer include Canon camera repair for the IXUS models, Nikon repair for D5 models, Panasonic camera repair for DMC models, Olympus camera repair for OM-D models, Samsung camera repair for NX models, Sony camera repair for HX models, Pentax camera repair for Q models, and Fuji camera repair for Finepix models. These are just a few of the models repaired by the team.

Camera repairs for Salford will often cost considerably less than a new model. You also save time as you won't need to look for a camera or learn controls if it's a new one.

Last but not least it's good for the environment as your electronic equipment isn't thrown away.

Camera Cleaning Salford

Prompt camera cleaning for Salford. A low cost camera cleaning service is offered for individuals and businesses. Estimates for SLR repairs will only be necessary if major work is needed e.g. sand and water damage.

The team have repaired damaged cameras for a range of clients include national and regional insurance companies, retailers, media outlets and professional photographers.

The technicians are experts in camera repairs for issues such as lens issues, damaged LCD screens, camera error messages, dials not working, zoom problems. Where possible, component level repairs can be offered - unlike some companies which just replace, the technicians aim to repair. Lens repairs are conducted in a dust free environment.

Save money and time by getting your broken camera repaired. For extra peace of mind the team also offer a warranty on all completed camera repairs which covers the original fault diagnosed.

Nationwide coverage for digital camera repairs by courier or post to the central repair centre. An insurance quotation can also offered as a chargeable service.

Discover how much you could save on a digital camera repair for Salford by collection and delivery. Just phone the number shown provided or complete the online form displayed.

Recent Enquiries

when I put my camera in the mode to take a photo the screen goes black,the photo is still taken and can be displayed on the screen but when I return to photo mode the screen goes black ? - Michael Pendlebury

go pro hero 4 silver - 2015wont switch on. I have tried charging it from the wall and the computer. and have tried charging the batteries both in the camera and externally.i have also tried new batteries in the camera, and nothing is working.it is an old gopro now, and is a bit battered. but I wasnt sure if this issue is common and/or an easy or cheap fix.thanksgrace - Grace Beasley

on my nikon camera the hot shoe isnt working for the flash, if you could pls give me a quote on mending this thank you - Joanne Bennett

camera and lense repair - please can I have a quote for repair of a sony slt-a58 - broken casing and the electronics dont work properly. (it thinks buttons are being pressed that arent)also and broken lense - sony sal55200-2 - lense is smashed. - Liam Asbridge

my casino exlim exz2300 digital camera (serial no. 44000668a) is showing an lens error when I turn the power on. could you fix this and tell me how much it would cost? thank you - Yuet-Mai

hi, I got water in my olympus u 850sw camera after using it in the swimming pool. the battery compartment couldnt have been closed properly. I have left it in rice for a few weeks and does turn on but the display has lost its brightness and can hardly be seen. also, the internal clock battery must need replacing as everytime I change the battery, it prompts you to enter the date/time etc., how m - Pam Fergusson

samsung galaxy camera ek-gc110 error with zoom lens. lens stuck in half out position after being dropped. camera turns on and off ok but not operating due to lenses - Gisela Kerling

nikon p610 bridge camera dropped and now saying lense error, camera switches on but lense stuck in position and wont move in or out. - diane

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